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Improve the efficiency of your manufacturing operation using AVEVA MES

AVEVA MES, formerly known as Wonderware MES, helps you to achieve maximum quality, compliance, and efficiency of your manufacturing systems.

The AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System improves the efficiency of order flow and production execution, monitors the progress of products starting from raw material to finished goods, and conducts evaluations and analyses of yield, quality, and plant resource use.

It improves operational efficiencies by cutting production costs and losses and providing visibility into the manufacturing process. In multi-site operations, a model-driven MES strategy enables standardization of operational functions, equipment, and activities, leading to faster productivity, quality, and cost savings.

Digital manufacturing execution helps to increase throughput, reduce scrap and rework, and provide goods of a higher quality. It can bring about a decrease in production costs. Increased reactivity to unforeseen occurrences or product quarantine/recalls guarantees brand equity and client safety. Increasing transparency in order fulfillment and reducing the range in product quality both increase customer happiness.

Creating components for manufacturing execution

The AVEVA MES is made up of three different parts, each of which is responsible for a distinct part of the manufacturing process:


Digitize and standardize work order execution processes, ensure products are built according to specifications and record real-time manufacturing execution and material flow information.


Monitoring and analyzing performance, as well as continuously increasing operating efficiencies, are accomplished through the tracking of production and equipment events, together with information regarding the progress of work orders.


Automate quality processes and sample plan execution, offering access to trends and rule-violation warnings to reduce quality losses, eliminate variation, and enhance yields. Providing this visibility helps to reduce quality losses and increase profits.

Administration of Manufacturing and Inventory

Transform batch and hybrid manufacturing process by efficiently managing business standards and collecting data about the “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How Much” in production and inventory activities. The AVEVA MES equips businesses with cutting-edge capabilities for managing and monitoring the execution of work orders, enforcing product build to specification, and documenting all manufacturing execution detail and product flows in real-time on the production floor.

Management of digital manufacturing operations improves productivity and adaptability while decreasing the price of regulatory compliance and consumer safety issues. Managers and workers may better analyze yield, quality, and resource use and expedite order flow and production execution with accurate data in real time.

Methods for evaluating and improving productivity

Equipment can be kept running at optimal efficiency with the help of manufacturing performance management, giving businesses a competitive edge in the market. The weakest links in your production lines can be managed back to peak performance with the support of real-time visibility into key performance indicators like overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

You may classify unscheduled downtime apart from product switchovers, idle periods, and other scheduled events by monitoring the progress of executed work orders. This degree of detail at the work order level feeds OEE KPI computations with dynamic performance target modifications based on individual products, allowing for real-time indication of scheduled adherence and overall line performance. By recording production data and brief stoppage events, integration with the plant control system aids in performance management. In addition to improving operational performance and efficiency, this eliminates the need for line operators to collect data manually.

Top benefits of MES??

Improved quality control
Increased uptime
Reduced inventory
Paperless shop floor
Improved product tracking and genealogy

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Maintaining and bettering production quality is a continual process, and digital standard operations management gives everything you require to organize your machinery, procedures, and employees around that goal. Complete automatic and manual data gathering and synchronization with work order implementation events for quality sample plan execution. Manufacturing fast-moving consumer items benefit greatly from SPC visualization and quality control thanks to integration with industrial automation. Data collection for corrective and preventative actions can be automated by integration with Workflow Management software, cutting down on wasted time.

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